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How to Run an ABM Initiative Without Buying an ABM Solution

Account-Based Marketing is one of the hottest topics within the Marketing world, and you are probably already running some kinds of ABM programs at your company . You might have a golden list of the accounts that the sales team wants to focus on, but you don’t have the budget for a shiny new ABM platform. Jasmine Chung, Demand Generation Manager at Openprise, will show you how they are doing it at their company and the results they are seeing. 

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SEO Strategy: 5 Tips to Scale Your Organic Traffic

In this webinar, Aaron Moskowitz,  Director of SEO at Golden Hippo, will cover 5 easy-to-implement tactics that will help you increase your website's ranking and boost inbound traffic:

  • Homepages are for Brand Traffic
  • Less is More (URL Length, Meta Tags)
  • Search Engines Crawl Words on individual pages
  • Not All of Your Pages are Winners (Prune)
  • You are an entity, so let Google know
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How SaaSMQL Generates $1M in Sales Pipeline Per Month with Direct Mail

Integrating a direct mail approach to your current marketing strategy, when executed properly, can skyrocket your lead-to-opportunity conversion rate and create engagement with target accounts. In this webinar, Franco Caporale, CEO at SaaSMQL, will explain how they are able to consistently generate over $1M in new sales pipeline every month by using a targeted direct mail approach. He will present the step-by-step execution, the mistakes to avoid during the process, and how to track the campaign performance.


A Common Sense Approach to Account Based Analytics & Personalization

In this webinar Arun Sivashankaran, CEO of FunnelEnvy, will share the good, bad and ugly from years of experience helping B2B demand generation teams tackling account based analytics & personalization. Instead of ineffective “vanity experiences” that consume time and resources, we’ll share a framework and tools to develop a data-driven understanding of your customers’ revenue journey. 


The Basics of B2B Marketing Attribution

In this webinar we will take a deep dive on B2B marketing attribution models and how to properly measure and report on the impact of marketing campaigns. We will discuss about the challenges of measuring campaign ROI in complex sales processes with multiple stakeholders, the different attribution models, how they are used, and how to report on them


How to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile Using Intent Data

The target selection is the first and most important step for each demand generation campaign. In this webinar we'll show you how to craft a solid Ideal Customer Profile, and how to prioritize your target list based on fit and intent.


Designing a Successful Lead Handoff & Qualification Process

In this webinar, we'll explain the different variables and factors that impact your lead handoff process, and we'll walk you through the different steps to implement a streamlined lead handoff and qualification process.


How We Use LinkedIn Ads to Engage with Target Accounts

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn Ads to expand your Account-Based Marketing strategy and generate pipeline from target accounts (with specific examples!).